Thursday, April 30, 2015

Stay Strong Nepal Tshirts

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​On 25th April, Nepal was hit by a terrible calamity. A 7.8 magnitude of earthquake hit the nation, causing severe loss of life and history.

This is our meager effort to take an initiative. FreshMonk presents "Stay Strong Nepal" T-shirts. This initiative is our way to contribute in helping the people of Nepal recover from this terrible aftermath.

Every t-shirt you buy raises a contribution of INR 400/- on the purchase of Premium T-shirts and Rs. 300/- on the purchase of Regular T-shirts to the ​Prime Minister's Relief Fund

For sake of immediacy, we're not offering COD on this campaign.

One T-Shirt per transaction only.

Please Share and Help Us do our part in this time of crisis for Nepal.

Thank You.

For Any Queries regarding this campaign, please feel free to connect with us at: | +91-9910777684- link here

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