Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Protect children from human traffickers after earthquake

Nepal has banned children from travelling without parents or approved guardians to deter human traffickers who authorities fear are targeting vulnerable families after recent devastating earthquakes.

Hundreds of thousands of families lost their homes in Nepal after two large earthquakes struck on April 25 and May 12.

The twin disasters killed more than 8,600 people and raised concerns among rights groups that trafficking rings in the region were taking advantage of the chaos.

On Monday, hundreds of Nepalis gathered at the ruins of a 19th-century tower in Kathmandu to mark one month since the first quake.

Children under the aged of 16 would not be permitted to travel outside their home district without a parent or another adult approved by the district's Child Welfare Board, a senior official said.

"If strangers are found travelling with children, they will be under the watch of police," Radhika Aryal from the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare said.

"All district officials and police units across the country have been asked to remain on high alert on this."

International adoption of children from Nepal would also not be permitted for the next three months, Kiran Rupakheti, another official from the ministry said.

Children found travelling with strangers

The cautionary measures come a week after authorities found dozens of children from earthquake-struck areas travelling with strangers under suspicious circumstances, officials said.

Tarak Dhital from the government's Central Child Welfare Board said 64 children from Dolakha and Dhading districts, both of which were devastated by the earthquakes, were now under the care of a registered children's home.

Police arrested two Indian and three Nepali adults who were travelling with 11 of the children, who were aged between 10 and 12, from Dolakha to Kathmandu without the required papers.

"We are investigating if this is a case of trafficking," police official Dan Bahadur Karki said.

Reports of suspected trafficking since the quakes have so far been limited, considering the scale of destruction and Nepal's long-running struggle to reign in human traffickers operating in its borders.

Thousands of Nepali children and women are trafficked into India every year to work in brothels and as child labourers, activists say.

But child rights activists warn the situation may worsen as traffickers target newly vulnerable children and families.

"After the earthquake, traffickers' groups could become very active targeting parents who have lost their homes to send their children with them promising education or a better life," Krishna Thapa from the rights group Voice of Children said.

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Building Act, 2055

Enacted by Parliament in the Twenty Seventh year of the reign of Late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. An Act made to provide for the regulation of building construction works
Full document link.

Recommendation for Update of Nepal National Building Code: Final Report

On July 2009, Khowpa Engineering College along with K.D. Associates (P) Ltd. released a document titled Recommendation for Update of Nepal National Building Code Final Report. This document was released as per The Government of Nepal Ministry of Physical Planning and Works Earthquake Risk Reduction and Recovery Preparedness Programme for Nepal (UNDP/ERRRP-Project: NEP/07/010)

The ―Earthquake Risk Reduction and Recovery Preparedness Programme for South Asian Region‖ is supported by the Government of Japan under a grant assistance for disaster prevention and disaster reconstruction contributed through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The Project is designed to seek regional cooperation through sharing of knowledge and experience in Disaster Management and to utilize the knowledge of recent Earthquake Engineering

Link to the full document

Monday, May 4, 2015

Help from the internet, save lives

Here is how you can help the earthquake victims of Nepal by using Tomnod a tool for tagging satellite images, please log in and follow the instructions as shown in the video. Remember no help is small.. you tagging one house can help identify a building that has not been seen by the rescuers.. do try to spend your time here.. know that.. you are saving lives..
Thank you for your efforts.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

National Disaster Response Framework 2013

The country was preparing for destruction.. plans were being made so as to what to do if we were hit.. but we got hit real bad.. and real big.. we just were not ready.. but we have now learnt important lessons. Please review National Disaster Response Framework 2013 to see how the government wants to respond to disasters and how this document helps all concerned bodies to act accordingly.

Government Press Release of 18 and 19 Baisakh

The government has released a statement on Baisakh 19 stating that the aiding and rescuing works are being carried out and that the international agencies have been helping the government. The death toll os 7040 including 9 armymen and four policemen.


The government has issued a national strategic action plan on search and rescue on 2013 it can be found here To shed light on the issue when the media is only blabbering ill about the government.. Nepal was trying its best.. we all are.. we do not want any of our brothers and sisters to suffer.. people need to understand that. We need to stop complaining and start working.

संकटग्रस्त छेत्रमा खटिएका सचिवहरुको सम्पर्क नं

The government has made the list of government official working in the devasted areas.. sopeople who are rushing to help, please contact them and help those in need.. you contacting them enusres that the relief is evenly distributed and to those in need. Thank you for your efforts..

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Stay Strong Nepal Tshirts

Main Image

​On 25th April, Nepal was hit by a terrible calamity. A 7.8 magnitude of earthquake hit the nation, causing severe loss of life and history.

This is our meager effort to take an initiative. FreshMonk presents "Stay Strong Nepal" T-shirts. This initiative is our way to contribute in helping the people of Nepal recover from this terrible aftermath.

Every t-shirt you buy raises a contribution of INR 400/- on the purchase of Premium T-shirts and Rs. 300/- on the purchase of Regular T-shirts to the ​Prime Minister's Relief Fund

For sake of immediacy, we're not offering COD on this campaign.

One T-Shirt per transaction only.

Please Share and Help Us do our part in this time of crisis for Nepal.

Thank You.

For Any Queries regarding this campaign, please feel free to connect with us at:

hello@freshmonk.com | +91-9910777684- link here

Tribhuvan University Engineer Expert Team Contact

A contact list for team of engineering experts and architects who can assess your house for you and let you know if it is suitable for living or not. Do contact them if your house has cracks and other anomalities.


The U.S. Embassy has compiled the following list of useful resources and frequently asked questions for use during this emergency.  We have not been able to verify the authenticity of all the groups or resources listed.  This list is intended only as a guide to information currently being shared online.
If you have updated or new information, please send to usembktm@state.gov and we will do our best to include it here.
Information on donating blood:
FAMILY AND FRIENDS LOOKING FOR U.S. CITIZENS IN NEPALWe encourage people in the United States to contact the State Department at NepalEmergencyUSC@state.gov or 1-888-407-4747 to provide us with information about U.S. citizens in Nepal who may be in need of assistance. Please see our Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens which gives more details: http://nepal.usembassy.gov/wm-04-27-2015.html
Google has set up an online person finder tool: 
If you are a U.S. Citizen currently in Nepal, we are doing accountability checks for concerned friends and family.  Please let us know you are safe: (+977 1) 423-4068, 423-4120, 423-4494, 423-4269, 423-4340, 423-4542, & 423-4144 
If you are a U.S. Citizen currently in Nepal and are in need of assistance, please call the above numbers.  The U.S. Embassy is also open to U.S. Citizens in need of shelter. 
FOOD AND WATER RESOURCESHere's a-list of places to get food and shelter in and around Kathmandu: http://bit.ly/1bcHC0a 
NEPALI EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBERS:Important phone numbers of Nepalese Emergency Association:https://twitter.com/kantipuronline/status/593007059085369344 
For all earthquake-related concerns, #Nepal government hotline is 97714200258 + 97714200105. For Everest queries, contact +9779852827777.
Important phone numbers of Nepalese Emergency Association:https://twitter.com/kantipuronline/status/593007059085369344
Here is a-list of places to get food and shelter in and around Kathmandu:https://twitter.com/RaviNepal/status/592602282522443776
Medical Help in Nepal:  The government issued notice on Sunday saying all hospitals should treat injured free of cost. Anyone seeing otherwise, contact +97714200258.
Relief operations outside Kathmandu Valley Coordinating Secretaries (Government of Nepal):https://twitter.com/Nepal_PM_Fund/status/593004843528114176
Contact information of CDOs of affected districts and secretaries assigned for relief operations:https://twitter.com/Nepal_PM_Fund/status/593012866904494080
Government of Nepal Secretary responsibilities:https://twitter.com/AnupKaphle/status/592900698989277184 
SHARE:A group of photographer friends have set up the following social media feeds to share photos, stories and updates from the ground:


VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES (if in Nepal):The following organizations are helping coordinate volunteers for fundraising, volunteer coordination and distribution of relief materials: 
Photocircle:   9741311750 or mail@photocircle.com.np
Kathmandu Municipality seeking volunteers for earthquake-related Need Assessment Survey in various localities:https://www.facebook.com/kanak.m.dixit/posts/814023405341221?notif_t=like
Volunteers to help doctors in Gorkha:https://twitter.com/RaviNepal/status/593070677718077440
Relief operations outside Kathmandu Valley Coordinating Secretaries (Government of Nepal):https://twitter.com/Nepal_PM_Fund/status/593004843528114176
Contact information of CDOs of affected districts and secretaries assigned for relief operations:
VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES (OUTSIDE Nepal):The best way to support is donating money to a reputable relief organization that has already been working on the ground in Nepal.
If you want to help, USAID has a page that has great resources:
Our partners at @Teach4Nepal have organized a charity to help some of the most affected areas: http://www.sarvodayausa.org/
Government has asked for contributions to PM relief fund:
Please DO NOT collect in-kind contributions from overseas as they are very ineffective and expensive to ship. LOCALLY purchased supplies are far more efficient and help local economy. 
I have a visa appointment booked.  Is the consular section open?  How do I reschedule my visa appointment?
All consular interviews are currently suspended at this time.  Please keep checking the Embassy website regularly for updates:www.nepal.usembassy.gov
I am in Nepal – outside of the Kathmandu Valley.  I need to get back to Kathmandu for my flight out of the country. What should I do?
Our general advice at this time is if they are safe they should shelter in place. After quakes are still going on and we don't know about the safety/possibility of internal travel. If believe you can travel safely to Kathmandu, some hotels are open and U.S. citizens can come to the U.S. Embassy for shelter. We are providing a place to sleep and access to food and water. International commercial flights are arriving and departing, but there are many delays and priority is being given to international relief efforts. The U.S. Embassy is providing regular shuttles between the Embassy and the airport.
How and where can I donate money or supplies?At this time, the best way to help is to provide a monetary donation to relief organizations. For more information and a list of supporting NGOs, please visit cidi.org/Nepal. You may also visit http://www.usaid.gov/nepal-earthquake/fy15/fs0 
I am booked to come to Nepal for a vacation.  What should I do?
Please see our travel alert: We recommend that U.S. citizens defer nonessential travel to Nepal.http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/alertswarnings/nepal-travel-alert.html 
I have visited Nepal before and love the country.  I want to come and help.  What should I do?
Thank you for your offer.  Please see our travel alert:http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/alertswarnings/nepal-travel-alert.html We recommend that U.S. citizens defer nonessential travel to Nepal.  At this time the most valuable support would be a financial donation to a relief organization.  For more information and a list of supporting NGOs, please visit cidi.org/Nepal  Consider doing a fund drive in your country. 
I have specific medical, disaster relief, mountain rescue skills and would like to help.
Thank you.  We are working at connecting skilled personal with coordinators in Nepal.  Please contact the Embassy via email at usembktm@state.govtelling us your skills, current location and contact information. 
I am in Nepal and would like to volunteer:
Photocircle have started volunteer coordination.  Please contact them directly at 9741311750 or mail@photocircle.com.np   Further information will be posted in the volunteering section of this web paget as the information becomes available.

नेपाल राजपत्र भाग ५ मा प्रकाशित नेपाल सरकार गृह मन्त्रालयको सूचना वैशाख १७

Government of Nepal Contact Information

Updated 08:38 (UTC+05:45), Thursday, April 30

Government of Nepal Contact Information

The National Emergency Operation Center (Ministry of Home Affairs) is providing updates here: http://www.neoc.gov.np/en/.
Update as of Wednesday, April 29, 2015, 20:00 (UTC+05:45):

Also see Earthquake Emergency Management and Response System for Kathmandu Valley:

Additional information for relief efforts (links to latest UN Situation Report, mapping, ongoing efforts, etc.):

Those of you working with NGOs, INGOs, the Nepal government, and UN agencies (both nationally & internationally), we urge you to use this available platform to help share information and coordinate efforts:
Kathmandu Living Labs -- local team actively collecting and mapping various reports

Relief operations will be headed by the following secretaries of the Government of Nepal. The officials will be coordinating with local bodies, political parties, the private sector, and civil society in their respective areas.

From outside Nepal, add +977, ex.: +9771-4262387

Government of Nepal’s earthquake hotline: 1234

Vasudev Ghimire
Sharada Prasad Trital
Sudarshan Prasad Dhakal
Jeevanprabha Lama
Koshahari Niraula
Anup Kumar Upadhyay
Udav P. Bhattarai
Surendra Mainali, DSP
Krishna Prasad Gyawali
Police DSP
Premlal Lamichhane
Gajendra Thakur
Sambhu Prasad Marasini
Vishnu Prasad Lamsal
Bishnu Prasad Pokhrel
Deepak Shrestha
Uddav Prasad Timilsina
Narendra Man Shrestha
Ram Prasad Thapaliya
Nar Bahadur Rajwar
Yadav Prasad Koirala

Anil Kumar Thakur

Ek Narayan Aryal

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal – 01-4262387
Ministry of Home Affairs – 01-4211208, 4211214
Toll Free: 1112
Ministry of Defence – 01-4211289
Food and Water
Ministry of Agriculture – 01-4211905, 4211950, 4211697
Head of Communications: Tikaram Sharma – Mobile: 9841215339
Ministry of Commerce and Supply – 01-4211631

Ministry of Urban Development – 01-4211673co

Nepal Police Headquarters Naxal 014412780 - is delivering drinking water by tanker to anywhere within Kathmandu Valley
If you are not receiving drinking water in Kathmandu Valley, contact KUKL 01-4493045
Tent and Shelter Management
Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development – 01-4200000, 01-4200309

Ministry of Urban Development - 01-4211673

Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport  – 01-4211782, 4211931, 4211732, 4211655

Ministry of Defence – 01-4211289

Relief camp contact:

Tudikhel (KTM)
Navraj Bhandari
Khulamanch (KTM)
Khumraj Punjali
Dasharath Rangshala (KTM)
Dipendra Sharma
Modhutt Timilsina
Sano Gaucharan (KTM)
Madhav Prasad Regmi
Narayanchor (KTM)
Shridar Gautan(m?) AND Narbhadur Rajwar
9851095200 /
Sankha Park Ring Road (KTM)
Vishwaprakash Pandit
Hulchowk (KTM)
Shankaprasad Adhikari
Lok Darshan Regmi
Sinamangal (KTM)
Rajan Khanal
Jawalakhel (LALITPUR)
Laxman Prasad Mainali
Khumultar (LALITPUR)
Beshraj Sharma
St. Xavier’s School (LALITPUR)
Bholaprasad Shiwakoti
Pulchowk Engineering College (LALITPUR)
Dhanbhadur Tamang
Tinkune, Salaghari (BHAKTAPUR)
Tankamani Sharma
Durbar Square Bhaktapur
Krishnachand Poudel
Saraswati Secondary School, Kamalvinayak (BHAKTAPUR)
Thok Prasad Shiwakoti

Health Services
Ministry of Health and Population – 01-4262543, 4262802, 4262696, 4267376
Ministry of Home Affairs – 01-4211208, 4211214
Toll Free: 1112

Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development – 01-4200000, 01-4200309

Road Clearing
Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport  – 01-4211782, 4211931, 4211732, 4211655

Ministry of Home Affairs – 01-4211208, 4211214
Toll Free: 1112

Rescue and Recovery
Nepal Armed Police Force is conducting search and recovery. Please contact hotline: 1114.

Ministry of Home Affairs – 01-4211208, 4211214
Toll Free: 1112

Ministry of Defence – 01-4211289

Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport  – 01-4211782, 4211931, 4211732, 4211655

Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation –
01-4211992, 4211669, 4211846, 4211847, 4211711, 4211685, 4211825, 4231196, 4211909

Department of Tourism, a department of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation –
01-4247037, 4256228, 4256231, 4256232

Nepal Police
Nepal Police hotline:

Gandaki Police:
Kaski – 061 538633, 522099
Gorkha – 064 420237, 420199, 420100
Lamjung – 066 520198, 520199
Tanahu – 065 560099, 560199

Bagmati Police:
Kavre – 01-1490230
Sindhupalchwok – 01-1620108, 620104
Dhading – 01-0520279, 520199
Nuwakot – 01-0560399  
Rasuwa – 01-0540199

Narayani Police:
Parsa 051-522251    
Rautahat 055-520177  
Bara 053-550399
Makwanpur  – 057-523811,  520399
Chitwan 056-520999, 520155

Koshi Anchal Police:
Morang 021525401
Sunsari 025560728
Bhojpur 029420150
Sankhuwasabha 029560115
Dhankuta 026520155  
Terhathum 026460129

Mechi Anchal Police:
Jhapa 023-455085, 456100
Ilam 027-520024, 520100
Panchthar024-520249, 520100, 520199
Taplejung 024-460240, 460199

For Nepal Police Headquarters in all 75 districts, please see: https://twitter.com/NepalPoliceHQ
(If you could use this list in English, please comment.)

Disposal of Animal Carcasses (free of cost)
Kathmandu Metropolitan City Clean Nepal - Padam Thapa 01-4279713, 9818302920

Waste Disposal
Sisdol dumping site will be in operation on Thursday, April 30, for sanitation related issues within Kathmandu 01-4227240, 4231719
Head office 01-4231429

International Relations
Ministry of Foreign Affairs 01-4200182, 4200183, 4200184, 4200185     
Toll free number: 1660-01-00186             

Ministry of Home Affairs – 01-4211208, 4211214
Toll Free: 1112

Ministry of Defence – 01-4211289

Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers – 01-4211000

Ministry of Home Affairs – 01-4211208, 4211214
Toll Free: 1112

Ministry of Information and Communications – 01-4211556

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